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Strong Orange Violence Prevention

Free Violence Prevention Seminar

December 5th 2015 | 1pm – 5pm

4100 Strandherd Drive, Unit 208 at Stronger You Martial Arts and Fitness

Orange is for Options.

Everyone has them. You can/can’t, should/shouldn’t, have/haven’t, think/don’t think – options are life’s choices.

By choosing to support violence prevention and self-defence, you are making a positive impact of your life and the lives of others.

Our lives are impacted by violence in big and small ways more often than most people realize.

With training, we can recognize and prevent a great deal of the violence that comes our way.

Strong Orange is a Canada-wide charity aiming at ending violence.

Strong Orange provides standardized and professional courses, seminars, conferences and meetings in violence prevention and self defence.

Our courses happen in classrooms and offices, in homes, businesses and schools.

Let’s Talk About Video Games

I like video games. When I was pregnant with the twins (and roughly the size of a small village), I played Diablo and won it. I had Pong. I had Blip. I used to play Nintendo baseball with my cousins     Video games are amazing at passing time on road trips...

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Time to freak out

Well.  We have, by now, all heard the statistics;  well over 1000 of our Aboriginal women and girls have gone missing or been murdered in our very recent past.  Imagine if there were 1000 girls missing from your town.  Imagine.  Every resource would be mobilized....

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Our curriculum provides a framework to understanding the cycle of violence and stopping it before it starts.

We teach women, men and children; students with physical and developmental disabilities; the LGBTTQ community and survivors of violence.

The choice is yours. Let Strong Orange help.

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