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Fall Courses

Starting in late September

FREE WOMEN’S & GIRLS Self Defence Course

In honour of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence in Canada

This free seminar covers the basic of violence prevention and self defence. Bring friend, a co-worker or a group! Women of all ages are welcome; including mothers and daughters (from age 5). 

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Young women's Violence Prevention and Self Defence Course

This fun and action packed 6 week course will give your 12-15 year old daughter confidence, awareness and physical tools for when things don’t go the way they should. This course covers verbal assertiveness, boundary setting, on line safety and sexual assault proofing.  Show your daughter how strong and capable she is in both familiar and unfamiliar environments.  The course offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

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Boys Bully Proofing and Self Defence

This fun and action packed 6 week course will give your 5 – 11 year old son confidence, awareness and tools for safety for incidents in the school yard and beyond.  Help him be confident in difficult or dangerous situations from bullies to strangers, on line issues to confrontations.  This action packed 6 week course covers physical, emotional and psychological safety in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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Young Women’s Self Defence, Empowerment and Leadership Course

Our young women are brimming with energy and ideas, but sometimes they lack the confidence and verbal assertiveness tools to get out into the world.  This 3 month leadership and empowerment course will take our young women aged 11 to 17 forward to achieving their goals and dreams.

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Raising Safe Girls Parenting Forum

In this fast paced and rapidly changing world, we want to give our daughters every opportunity but we worry about their safety as they become more independent.  Come and join us for this discussion based group and learn from the experts on parenting strategies and ideas to broaden her horizons and keep her safe at the same time.  Suggested for parents/guardians of girls entering their preteens.

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Sammy Stick Key Chain Self Defence Course

Everybody has heard that you can use your keys for self defence, but how about your keychain?  Come on in and find out about this exceptional tool and learn skills that will last you a lifetime.  This one afternoon course includes a Sammy Stick™ keychain and manual. Course is open to anyone over the age of 16.

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Strong, Safe and Free Violence Prevention for Young Adults with Developmental Delay

Developed at the University of Oregon by Nadia Telsey and Breaking Free, this specialized self defence program builds on years of research and practice in helping adults with developmental disabilities learn and retain safety skills.  Because these are some of our most vulnerable citizens, this program is a must have for all adults with developmental delay.

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Certification Program for Self Defence Instructors

This intensive course will provide a foundation for instruction to those men and women who would like to certify as self defence instructors through Strong Orange.  Empowerment fundamentals, use of statistics, current realities, teaching strategies for diverse populations, adapting programming for ability, age and culture, physical tool selection, gender issues and more will be examined in this course to help prepare you to submit your certification application.    Reading material, manuals and online resources will be provided.  Mentors may also be assigned to assist you if you so choose. Course is limited to 10 participants aged 18 and over.

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