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Violence is a reality in our world

But it doesn’t have to be

Our focus is on stopping violence before it begins

Strong Orange is a Canada-wide charity created to provide quality violence prevention and personal safety training to everyone at risk from the youngest child to the oldest senior

From school to home – from work to the street

we want everyone to feel safe — that starts with Strong Orange

Strong Orange students are given the best tools for their physical, psychological and emotional well-being to prevent violence and the confidence and skills to respond if required.

Strong Orange programs are backed by years of training, research and best practice study to keep you, your children, your students, your employees and your community safe and sound.

Violence Prevention Courses include:

  • Young women’s empowerment
  • Women at risk self defence program
  • Non-violent communications
  • Team building

Strong, Competent, Safe, Confident

Registered Charity # 82069 8777 RR0001

FREE WOMEN’S & GIRLS Self Defence Course

In honour of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence in Canada

Saturday December 2, 2017 This free seminar covers the basic of violence prevention and self defence. Bring friend, a co-worker or a group! Women of all ages are welcome; including mothers and daughters (from age 5). 

Register Now

Let’s Talk About Video Games

I like video games. When I was pregnant with the twins (and roughly the size of a small village), I played Diablo and won it. I had Pong. I had Blip. I used to play Nintendo baseball with my cousins     Video games are amazing at passing time on road trips...

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Time to freak out

Well.  We have, by now, all heard the statistics;  well over 1000 of our Aboriginal women and girls have gone missing or been murdered in our very recent past.  Imagine if there were 1000 girls missing from your town.  Imagine.  Every resource would be mobilized....

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Fall Course Registration

  • Girls Self Defence and Violence Prevention
  • Boys Bully Proofing and Self Defence
  • Young Women’s Self Defence, Empowerment and Leadership Course
  • Raising Safe Girls Parenting Forum
  • Sammy Stick Key Chain Self Defence Course
  • Strong, Safe and Free Violence Prevention for Young Adults with Developmental Delay
  • Certification Program for Self Defence Instructors
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